More Information
  • To get the most out of the Tours your will need a good level of fitness. Unfortunately those with moderate health disabilities will find the tours too strenuous.

  • It is recommended that you bring sturdy walking shoes as access to some of the properties is on uneven terrain.

  • If wet it is suggested that you bring waterproof footwear and a raincoat.

  • If hot remember sunscreen, a hat, or an umbrella.

  • If transport to the Island is cancelled due to the weather on Friday, the people affected will be refunded. If you are already on the Island, the tours will go ahead, rain, hail, or shine.

  • Please be at the Health Centre (adjacent to the Claris Airport) for registration by 9:00am, ready to leave at 9:15am.

  • On the day we need you to bring your tickets with you; to confirm your booking, and to be in the lucky prize draw.

  • Please note: tickets are non-refundable please contact Gerry for advice. If you are able to on-sell your ticket please also contact Gerry to change her records.

  • The Tours will return back to the Health Centre at around 4:30pm.

  • Please remember that while we will take all care to keep you safe and healthy, your participation in the Tour Series is at your own risk.

If you have any other queries, please contact Gerry by email or by phone at (09) 4290 890.

Weekend Itinerary
But wait, there's more!

Friday  Dinner - Optional Extra

Details still to come. All proceeds again go to the Great Barrier Island Community Health Trust Equipment Fund.

For those without transport, Great Barrier Travel will provide a discounted return bus service from Tryphena - price yet to be confirmed. Please contact Sue by email or phone at (09) 4290 474 with details of your accommodation to arrange pick-up points.


The 'Spectacular by Nature' Garden Tour meets at the Health Centre in Claris at 9:00am.

For those without transport, a bus transfer service - Tryphena to and from the Health Centre will be available - price to be confirmed.. Please contact Sue by email or phone at (09) 4290 474 with details of your accommodation to arrange pick-up points.

Sunday events on Great Barrier Island - Optional Extras

There are usually two events on Sunday for you to enjoy. These are still to be confirmed.

The annual Stonewall Village, ROSE SHOW (10am Market Day, 11am Judging) in Tryphena.

The Community Heritage and Art Village 'Spectacular by Nature' EXHIBITION and Market Day in the afternoon in Claris.