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Photographs of Great Barrier Island, New Zealand.  These images show the impressive scenery of the island and still awaiting is the experience of being here.  There are a variety of scenic experiences on offer from the harbours of Port Abercrombie, Port FitzRoy, Whangaparapara, and Tryphena, the white sandy beaches of Harataonga, Whangapoua, Awana, Kaitoke, Okupu and Medlands to the bush covered hills and peaks.  Walking tracks offer the opportunity to explore natural hot springs, climb through Windy Canyon to the highest point, Hirakimata (Mt Hobson), visit a restored Kauri Dam on the Kaiaraara Stream and to enjoy the regenerating forest and bush.  Photographer: K.Stowell


Windy Canyon

Whangapoua Surf Bar

Port FitzRoy

Kaitoke Beach

Kaitoke Stream

Whangaparapara Hot Springs

Track to Hot Springs

Port FitzRoy from Lookout Rock

Man o War Passage, Port FitzRoy

Heather and Clematis

Kaiaraara Kauri Dam

Te Ahumata (Whitecliffs)

Medlands Beach

Palmers Beach

Hirakimata (Hobson)

Gooseberry Flat, Tryphena

Flying into Claris

Flying into Okiwi

Whangapoua Estuary

Oruawharo, southern end of Medlands

Karaka Bay

Okiwi to Harataonga Coastal Track

Port Abercrombie

Kaitoke Beach, southern end

Port FitzRoy Harbour

Mabey's Beach

Arid Island from Mabeys Beach

Kaiaraara Bay



Blind Bay, Okupu

Flying into Okiwi

Karaka Bay

Okiwi to Harataonga Coastal Track