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North Barrier Car Rentals


5 seater car $80 + Fuel

7 seater car $95 + Fuel


Cars available from;

Port FitzRoy

Okiwi Airfield


Bookings Essential

Phone: 09 4290 915

Please note: Only designated drivers, over 21, who have produced a current driver’s licence and have signed the rental agreement may drive the vehicle.

NO DOGS are permitted in the vehicles.

There are many things to see and do on a day trip exploring Great Barrier Island.

Going South from Port FitzRoy:

Stop for Coffee/Brunch at Café Motu just over the hill at Okiwi. (Open every day over January).

At the top of the Okiwi hill there is a 15min walk at Windy Canyon to a great lookout.

A little further on turn left to Harataonga Bay, location of the British reality TV series ‘Castaway’ (or do this on your way back north).

Continue south to Claris for coffee and/or lunch at the Claris Texas Café.

Visit the Aotea Art Gallery just before the airport. (Open every day during summer).

A little further south on the right the Milk, Honey and Grain museum has a wonderful display of photographs and stories of Great Barrier’s history. Always open.

On to Medlands Beach for a swim, surf or a walk along the sand.

The Wild Rose Café at Tryphena for refreshments and/or lunch. ((Open every day during summer).

Continue south towards Tryphena and travel on towards the wharf to visit Shoal Bay Pottery on the left.

Returning trip to Port FitzRoy:

At the Crossroads just past Claris turn right to return to Port FitzRoy and then turn left onto the Whangaparapara Road and a little way along is the Hot Springs track, on the right.  By now you may be ready for a relaxing soak in the natural hot pools and the 45min walk to the pools is so flat and easy that it is accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

Return to the main road, turn left and continue north.

Take a final excursion out to Mabeys Beach to visit the historic Wairarapa gravesites by turning right at Okiwi School.