Great Barrier Island History
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Girlie LeRoy 1912-1979

Agnes Dalziel Le Roy was known as Girlie.  Only child of the 3rd Mrs Le Roy (Elizabeth) and Emilius Le Roy.

Girlie lived her earlier life in Auckland with her Uncle Edward LeRoy, coming back to Great Barrier at the age of 20 to look after her father Emilius and later her step brother Selwyn Le Roy.  Selwyn is buried on Grave Island with other members of the Le Roy family.

Girlie was a very private person who worked from sunrise to sundown.  She loved dancing and would go anywhere on the island to attend a dance.  She could walk or row a boat anywhere and in summer her daily exercise was to swim to Grave Island and back.  She loved picnics and tennis, knitting and sewing. 

Girlie was secretary of the Women's Division and did a term on the Great Barrier Council. 

She had a much loved horse called Barney but her cows were her livelihood and she preferred Jersey cows and wouldn't allow anyone else to milk them.  One night she went to feed her calves after milking and she had a brain haemorrhage and died. 

Girlie is buried along with her half sister, Ada Marie Moor (1888-1973), daughter of Emilius and Sarah Jane Le Roy, on what was once Le Roy property at Kaiaraara Bay Road.  Girlie's death ended 100 years of Le Roy settlement on this land.